Dentures and Partials

Start enjoying a good meal again with Dentures and Partials. These removable appliances replace your missing teeth with cosmetically beautiful new “teeth” that can be taken out and put back into your mouth. While there may be an initial adjustment period, these high-quality dentures look natural and feel great.

There are Two Types of Dentures

Full Dentures: Full dentures fit over your gums. The upper dentures cover the roof of your mouth. The lower dentures are U-shaped to accommodate your tongue. You may receive Conventional Dentures, which are placed once your mouth has fully healed from the removed teeth, or Immediate Dentures, which can be placed right away.

Partials: Partial dentures are essentially a removable bridge that uses existing teeth to anchor the denture.

Dr. Salinas will consult with you to let you know the options for your dentures and help you make the best decision for your smile.

Your dentures will be custom-made to fit your mouth in order to ensure a secure, comfortable fit. With the right care, dentures can last five to eight years.

We also offer Crowns & Bridges.

Dentures and partials
Dentures and partials

Proper Denture Care Includes

  • Rinse your dentures after eating to remove any debris
  • Handle them with care and avoid dropping them
  • Store them properly, at room temperature and in a denture solution
  • Clean out your mouth when you remove the dentures
  • Brush your dentures twice a day (not with toothpaste!)
  • Stay current on your checkups

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